About East Azarbaijan

In The Name of God

The province of East Azerbaijan is the land of civilization, culture, history and bravery. A land considered as a regions of importance from the very beginning. It has retained its prominence over centuries.
Aras River separates East Azerbaijan from Azerbaijan Republic, Armenia, and Nakhichevan republics. It has borders with West Azerbaijan on the west, Arde­bil on the east, and Zanjan on the southeast.
The capital of East Azerbaijan, Tabriz, is among big cities of the country. Some researchers attribute the origin of this city to the Sassanid era. Some others attribute it to Zubeideh Khatoon, the wife of Harun Al Rashid, an Abbasid caliph .Azerbaijan is part of the broad plateau of Iran comprising mountainous and plain regions. Affected by Mediterranean weather, Caspian climate, and cold northern lands; it enjoys different types of climates.
The province of East Azerbaijan is very important considering its historical background, geographical features, beautiful nature, and determining role in political events.
It has so many interesting historical and natural features that attracts many visi­tors from different parts of the country and the world.
Azerbaijan is the glorious treasury of Iranian civilization accommodating many relics of different historical periods. Rab'e Rashidi, the biggest university of old times, the observatory of Maragheh, Arg-e Alishah Citadel, Maqbarat-ol Sho'ara, and Kabud Mosque are other unique remains of our country. The an­cient city of Tabriz that has been the cradle of culture and civilization has been the hometown of many famous sages and scientists. Present city of Tabriz is a developed industrial city that is an important commercial region of Iran. Nevertheless, it has retained the pleasant garden paths, old bazaars, mosques, lmamzadeh mausoleums, and pleasurable promenades.
Tabriz is not only a treasury of Iranian history and civilization, but also an empyrean land on the earth. According to Kamal Khujandi:
"It is half leagues from the heaven of the Lord to Tabriz"